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Beekeeping in Western New York helps the environment, locally and nationwide

Whether they do it for the honey or to protect pollinators, there is a varied and committed community of beekeepers in Western New York. Both hobbyists and larger apiaries go through the same processes, overcome the same obstacles, and all enjoy the rewards that beekeeping brings.

For some, like Father Ryszard Biernat, the interest in bees has been buzzing for years, if not decades. He remembers becoming engrossed by bees as a young boy in Poland, almost entirely by chance.

“I love books,” he

All Wright, All Day

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most famous architects to ever live. Most people can picture his famous stained glass, we know how much he loved nature and we can spot one of his houses from a mile away. But what’s his story in Buffalo? Why are there so many of his houses here? I decided to find out, and the most convenient way was on an All Wright All Day tour – one that includes visits to five Wright-designed buildings and several other sites.

I was glad I didn’t skip my morning coffee, sinc

Explore the Buffalo River... on a Bike

A Buffalo summer just wouldn’t be complete without some time spent on the water. Boats and kayaks are nice, but if you’re feeling venturesome than a water bike may be in your future.

Water Bikes of Buffalo are conveniently located on the boardwalk at Canalside and allow you to explore one of Buffalo’s most treasured waterways from a new perspective. Owners Lisa and Peter Florczak opened this aquatic bicycle company back in 2013 and have had nothing but positive feedback since. The strongest ind

Humble Braggers

Local indie rockers Humble Braggers haven’t been around for long, having debuted in July 2013, but they’ve already caught some recognition. The track "What’s Fair," off their first EP, Safe Haven, was featured on WLKK 107.7FM, Buffalo’s new alternative station. We asked frontman Tom Burtless to answer some questions so we could learn more about what Humble Braggers is all about.

Samantha Wulff: When would you say your interest in creating music began?

Tom Burtless: I started playing music when

Spotlight: Elektra

We’ve all been there: zoned out staring at a fire. We snap ourselves back to reality and wonder why we’re entranced by something so simple. It’s easy to fall spell to the flickering flames—painted varying shades of red, orange, yellow, white, and blue. What’s not so common is to go beyond admiration to actually touching and playing with that fire. Yet that’s exactly what fire performer Michelle Ridley—perhaps better known by her stage name Elektra—has been doing for the better part of the last 2

Spotlight: Tom Holt

If you live in Buffalo, chances are you’ve seen Tom Holt’s work. You’ve no doubt driven by one of his murals in the city (like the one at Five Points or the giant unicorn on Rhode Island Street), but let’s be clear: He is not a muralist. Well, he’s not primarily a muralist and that’s not how he sees himself, but that’s what he’s known for. Tom Holt is like the actor who gets pigeonholed again and again after playing that one role. So no, Tom Holt is not a muralist. He’s a painter and a sketch ar

Checklist: 6 Authentic Buffalo Summer Activities

Summertime is Buffalo’s highlight reel: It showcases the best moments but is over before you can hit replay. The window of time to capitalize on warm-weather fun is finite, but when you participate in activities true to Buffalo’s nature, you’ll be able to head into fall with a head full of new memories and a heart full of…you guessed it…pure Buffalove.

As the weather heats up and you crank the air-conditioning, opt for a refreshing tubing trip over locking yourself indoors. Make the Niagara Riv

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